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The expert translates informal discussion (2)
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The interpreter is in again practice
Home of our country famous interpreter Mr Fu Lei studies abroad France, assiduously study French literature and brushwork, after going back to the motherland interpret of work of literature of will many France becomes Chinese, the introduction gives compatriots. He gave 1957 " article journal " a written problem is " interpreter experience a bit " ever had said in the article: Banter of divinatory symbols of amine  leg guides  ! ?
Want to increase oneself interpreter capacity, must adopt practice. Practice can be divided it is two kinds, direct practice and indirect practice.
Alleged and direct practice, it is the practice that oneself enter personally, namely oneself start work interpreter. Bout is unripe, 2 ripe, accumulate over a long period, firsthand experience is much, do handy, interpreter ability rises somewhat. Alleged " skill comes from practice " , it is this truth. But oneself can the thing of interpret is finite, the experience that reachs from inside this kind of practice also is finite. Accordingly, still need have the aid of at indirect practice.
Alleged and indirect practice, study the translation of others namely. For instance, an article is in hand, prepare an interpreter, the translation that looks for a few concerned materials or congener article first at this moment has a look, in term and style respect calm meeting is drawn lessons from somewhat. The person that often makes an interpreter meets such doing. The translation of others is the child that others carries out directly, you read the translated text of others, pursue indirect practice namely. From the point of the point of view that summarizes experience, direct practice and indirect practice are had equal value. Accordingly, when be free, look for a few translation, especially good translation, try to consider, summary gives the thing of a few regularity, the interpreter capacity to raising oneself has profit greatly.
Do not spend I or ambitious shift, see others only how to translate, oneself do not start work interpret, be no good. I teach oneself an exam to had made up an interpreter tutorial for higher education, some schools did to coach class. Once, a teacher tells me, his student reads my book only, do not make an exercise. I listened greatly open-eyed, wrote an essay at once, ascend in " English study " on the magazine. I say, learn an interpreter to be just as learn to swim. See others swim in the bank only, or listen to a coach to explain only, it is to learn won't. Is you say so manage?
Zhuang Yi is passed
The whole nation translates professional competence (level) exam English committee of experts is advisory
University of Beijing foreign language is taught
On March 18, 2005 at Beijing

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