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Chinese-English oral interpretation classifies lexical encyclopedia (outside cla
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Bay ANZCERTA of agreement of concern of new close together economy: Australia New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement

Cast off the influence Shake Off The Impact Of The Financial Crisis of Asian banking crisis

Help talent shows itself Help Excellent Talents Find Way To Distinction

Spare parts Spare Parts

Ministerial Meeting of ministerial class conference

Adopt Proactive Fiscal Policy of active finance policy

Exit is achieved collect model / extroversion industry Export-oriented Industry

Perpendicular annex Vertical Merger

Pour father Profiteer

Touch avoid Offset

East AFTA of alliance free-trade area: ASEAN Free Trade Area

ASEAN of alliance of southeast Asia country: Association Of South-East Asian Nations

External the project contracts Foreign Project Contracting

Turn over dumping measure Anti-dumping Measures Against...

Prevent bogus mark Anti-fake Label

Loosen money Ease Monetary Policy

Be not quota product Quota-free Products

Nonproductive investment Investment In Non-productive Projects

Risk management / evaluate Risk Management/ Assessment

Venture fund Venture Capital

Risk reserve Loan Loss Provision/ Provisions Of Risk

Post grooms On-the-job Training

The connection exchange rate of HK dollar makes The Linkage System Between The US Dollar And The HK Dollar

Liven state-owned large and medium-sized enterprise Revitalize Large And

Medium-sized State Owned Enterprises

Project project Engineering Project

Industry increases value Industrial Added Value

Just and reasonable Equitable And Rational

Fixed assets invests Investment In The Fixed Assets

Wide open Increase Employment Opportunities; Create Jobs In Every Possible Way; Open Up More Channels Of Employment of obtain employment knack

Dimensions economy Scale Economy/ Economies Of Scale

The country joins a company (namely state-owned cooperation) State-owned Cooperatives

International liquidates International Settlement

Balance of payments balances Balance Of International Payments/ Balance Of Payment

Balance of payments is lopsided Disequilibrium Of Balance Of Payment

National subsidy Public Subsidies

The country encourages project Projects Listed As Encouraged By The State

State Scientific And Technological Innovation System of system of innovation of national science and technology

The country collects State Foreign Exchange Reserves of cash on hand now

Reasonable guiding consumptive Guide Rational Consumption

Transverse annex Horizontal Merger

Bad Account/ Dead Account/ Uncollectible Account/bad Debt/ Bad Loan of bad debts, bad debt, dead account

Monetary market Money Market

Orgnaization overstaffed Overstaffing In (government) Organizations

Orgnaization jackknife Organizational Overlapping

Scientific And Technological Enterprises That Integrate Scientific And Technological Development With Industrial And Trade Development of the science and technology that mechanic trade combines enterprise
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