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Fu Weici
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Fu Weici (1923-) ever used a Fu Wei. Ancestral home Beijing, be born at Harbin. Manchu. "The change after 18 " emergency answers 9 · Beijing. Be in early or late complementary benevolence university, Zhejiang university (war inside change Guizhou abide by justice) , Beijing University assiduously studies western language, literature. Graduated in Beijing University 1950, in Tsinghua university and Beijing University pursue job of teaching of international student Chinese after. 50 time uprighted from Russian and German interpret the country such as Hungarian, Poland is contemporary literary work, be engaged in German literature interpreter since 50 time later period. "In Beijing linguistics the courtyard teachs British language and interpreter course after Culture Revolution " , main interpreter England shows contemporary work. Joined Chinese writer consortium 1980. After China translates worker association to hold water, hold the post of director. Main interpret makes have: Luxembourg of · of Luo Sha of 〔 heart 〕 " the letters in jail " , " banquet straps critical biography " , 〔 heart 〕 Tuomasi · graceful " cloth ascends Boluoke " , henry of 〔 heart 〕 hopes · graceful " official fall forward " , accept of Bi Xi of 〔 heart 〕 " Dan Dongzhi is dead " , carat of 〔 heart 〕 draws gold of · Cai Te " literature of Cai Te gold comments on collect " , mu of be stranded of thunder of case of 〔 flower 〕 · Glyn " the core of the problem " , " seek a role " , mu of wool of 〔 flower 〕 " moon and sixpenny " wait.

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