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Turn over idiom not to want assume sth as a matter of course
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Textual: That Took His Breath Away. Translation: That makes him suffocative come. Differentiate by accident: Former translator had not consulted a dictionary for certain, it is ground of assume sth as a matter of course guesses interpret, this kind of manner is big fear of the interpreter. The idiom in English is very much, especially the verbal phrase that common and commonly used phrase becomes, some can give phrasal meaning from the acceptation derivation that makes a statement, but be no good below most circumstance. Change a preposition or article, the meaning may change greatly. England translates egghead Peter Newmark to had said: An Idiom Is A Current And Frequently Used Group Of Words Whose Meaning Is Not Clear From The Common Meanings Of Its Constituent Words (alleged idiom, it is to point to at present still commonly used phrase, cannot be clear that the commonly used content that forms each word from its reachs its meaning) .

One word of Breath the meaning is very much, basic sense is " breath " , but but extend the meaning turns point to " (of conversation) mood " , " odour " , " life " , and even " bagatelle " wait. The idiom that contains one statement of Breath is very much, at A Breath and In One Breath are " at a heat (say a lot of words or finish plan matters) " , and In A Breath is however " flashy " , " one instant " meaning; Take A Breath is " rest at a heat " , meaning of Take A Deep Breath is " suck deeply at a heat " , and the meaning of Take Someone's Breath Away is however " make someone astonied " (sometimes Away often is dropped elliptically) , also can say Knock The Breath Out Of Someone. As to " suffocative come " it is Lose One's Breath or Be Out Of Breath. So former sentence correct translation should be: He astonied or he is so open-eyed that he do not say to give a word to come.