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Elegant think of an exam to compose examination questions assemble
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Elegant think of writing, write actually will write go even if so a few kinds of problems, begin from today, everybody follows me to drill together writing, do not write you to regret certainly: Do not write you to regret certainly::

1, Some Young Children Spend A Great Amount Of Their Time Practicing Sports. Discuss The Advantages And Disadvantages Of This. Use Specific Reasons

2, It Is Sometimes Said That Borrowing Money From A Friend Can Harm Or Damage The Friendship. Do You Agree? Why Or Why Not? Use Reasons And Examples In Your Answer.

3, Every Generation Of People Is Different In Important Ways. How Is Your Generation Different From Your Parents ' Generation? Use Specific Reasons And Examples To Explain Your Answer.

4, Some People Pay Money For The Things They Want Or Need. Other People Trade Products Or Goods For What They Need. Compare The Advantages Of These Two Ways Of Obtaining Things. Which Way Do You Prefer? Explain Why.

5, Imagine That You Have Received Some Land To Use As You Wish. How Would You Use This Land? Use Specific Details To Explain Your Answer.

6, Some People Like Doing Work By Hand. Others Prefer Using Machines. Which Do You Prefer? Use Specific Reasons And Examples To Support Your Answer.

You Want To Persuade Someone To Study Your Native Language.What Reasons Would You Give? Support Your Answer With Specific Details.

You Have Been Asked To Suggest Improvements To A Park That You Have Visited. This Might Be A City Park.a Regional Park, or A National Park.What Improvements Would You Make? Why? Use Specific Reasons And Examples To Support Your Recommendations.

9, objective thinking inscribes 12 differentiate card: Do You Agree Or Disagree With The Following Statement? People Should Read Only Those Books That Are About Real Events, real People, and Established Facts.Use Specific Reasons And Details To Support Your Opinion.

9, 11 hep problems: Films Can Tell Us A Lot About The Country In Which They Were Made. What Have You Learned About A Country From Watching Its Movies? Use Specific Examples And Details To Support Your Response.

9, 10 schools teach a problem: Some People Say That Phyical Exercise Should Be A Required Part Of Every School Day.Other People Believe That Students Should Spend The Whole Day On Academic Studies.Which Opinion Do You Agree With? Give Reasons To Support Your Answer.

9, 9 common alternative problem: Some People Prefer To Spend Most Of Their Time Alone.Others Like To Be With Friends Most Of The Time.Do You Prefer To Spend Your Time Alone Or With Friends? Give Reasons To Support Your Answer.

9, 8 wests pay close attention to metabolic problem: If You Could Invent Something New.what Product Would You Develop? Use Specific Details To Explain Why This Invention In Needed.

9, 7 common compare a problem: It Has Been Said. "NOt Everything That Is Learned Is Contained In Books. "COmpare And Contrast Knowledge Gained From Experience With Knowledge Gained From Books.In Your Opinion, which Source Is More Important? Why? 9, problem of thinking of objectivity of 6 differentiate card:
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