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Of novel of foreign language original read skill and strategy
From;    Author:Stand originally
Origin: Horn of Shanghai river English

Tell the truth, in original novel read a respect, I am not ace, although honest of honest of a lot of teacher is taught, oneself also were bought lent a lot of original the novel, in my impression, did not read well originally, a exclusive big the original teaching material of 16 600 much Pages, arriving was to spend the time of 3 months to be gnawed.

Latter as a result of the 2 need outside, oneself march to original novel again. Of cat of my a few 3 horn oneself read skill and strategy auspicious narrate as follows, hope everybody tall person gives directions falling...
1.Why To Read Original Edition Novel
Want to raise foreign language level truly, reading original novel is to need the road of classics, no less than is not everybody like can becoming foreign language past master,
Not be everybody can have perseverance to read N of this original novel. (My spy admires entrance guard, can wave a < > go up N is alled over, if I have this kind of will, early become past master... )
2.Fundamental Conditions
Syntactic: Low spoon returns angry already Pu billabong carves? basically, if be E, after high school graduates, this were achieved
Vocabulary: Skilled vocabulary > 2.5k, cognitive vocabulary > 5k
Reference book: Pagoda tree 綜 - E,
An E-E, perhaps use Wen Quxing to replace, but my preference dictionary----Lexical acknowledge learns to point out, the retrieval of the vocabulary that remembers the effect and vocabulary time positive closes (I read French now, by 3 D, f-C, f-E, f-F)
3.Select material, benevolence person see benevolence, with respect to my individual character, my preference is medium now a work (the honorable > of the < father that I chose a Marcel Pagnol to was written 1957 now, 280pages)
4.Early days works: Search encyclopedia or corresponding reference book, know the author's life, work, the evaluation of common people.
5.Read medium lexical study: Read) of 6 Pages(6X225=1350 word everyday, new Words is come up against to make number first in reading a process, d is checked again after be being read, board new word record in the notebook, seasonable recital (I now most those who be afraid of is this, can you quit? ? ? ??
6.How To Read
My preparation is subvocal, this is my habit, recite too be expended, extensive reading also no point, interpose floats at essence of life between
7.Read What
I basically study its vocabulary is tie-in. Lexical usage is the most difficult in the language, for instance, the à of the simplest a preposition in French, usage countless, there are several pages on large D,
Why same words and phrases is in at hand of a person of academic or artistic distinction with respect to full of vim and vigour, arrived my at hand with respect to backwater? I think this should be the most primary purpose that reads original novel.
Write down so that I admonish before AS, want to learn accidence more, carry a vocabulary on the back less, do not have all the time regrettablly well execute, now, I am tasted as the experiment with French... thank AS again! ! !
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