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English a poem of four lines is admired
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Being Deeply Loved By Someone Gives You Strength, loving Someone Deeply Gives You Courage.

Be given your power by love, the sweetheart gives you courage.

The Best And Most Beautiful Things In The World Can Not Be Seen Or Even Touched, they Must Be Felt With Heart.

On the world the best the most beautiful thing is invisible, also feel what do not wear. They must go attentively induction.

No Matter How Far Apart We Are, my Thought Always Find Their Way Back To You. Missing You.

No matter how our apart is distant, my longing always is beside your. Think you!

The Hardest Part Is Being Away From You... The Best Part Will Be When We ' Re Together Again. Missing You, with All My Heart.

Not leave you the hardest too and go... not had better cross new happy get-together. Total heart thinks you.

I Never Consider Ease And Joyfulness As The Purpose Of Life Itself.

I do not think easy and comfortable with enjoyment it is the intent with original life.

Don ' T Ever Forget, you Are Loved Very, very Much!

Must not forget, you have endless love!

I Am Not Afraid Of Tomorrow For I Have Seen Yesterday And Love Today.

I do not fear tomorrow, because I had been experienced yesterday, have deep love for again today.

The Value Of Life Lies Not Length Of Days, but In The Use Of We Make Of Them.

The value of life does not depend on can living how many days, and how using these times at us.

Courage Is The Ladder On Which All The Other Virtues Mount.

Courage is the ladder of other goodness ascend.

Better To Light One Candle Than To Curse The Darkness.

Curse darkness with its, be inferior to burning a candle.

You Don ' T Love A Girl Because She Is Beautiful, but She Is Beautiful Because You Love Her!

You are not because of her beauty love she, and she loves because of yours however and beautiful.

Love Alone Could Waken Love!

Only love just can wake up love!

I ' Ll Never Forget The Time We Share Together.

I also won't forget the day that we are together forever.