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Shallow talk how to prevent sexual discrimination and age discrimination
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Sage of netizen Sinosaint(China) sent mail to me yesterday, teach outside the English that says them go up in classroom recently, criticize the English article on Chinese media, have Sexism and Agism tendency. These two words, he has only vague idea, at first sight still thinks is to say to there is pornographic content in these articles, need is swept yellow, consult a dictionary later, the meaning that just knows them is so " sexual distinction is discriminated against " and " the age is discriminated against " . Sinosaint netizen asks me, this outside teach why to want such saying? What ground does she have?

Actually the English article on Chinese media, do not have Sexism and Agism tendency absolutely, the author of these articles, unless be satiate,maintain, go impossibly otherwise affront woman and old person. So this outside teach why can you have this kind of illusion? Because article author is when choice word,I look basically is, oversight element of the reader's sexual distinction, age. Be in for instance the west, feminism person feel disgusted very much Chairman Chairman() this word, the sense that gives a person because of it is, only man ability sits first an ancient folding chair, because this is below their strong demand, chairwoman and Chairperson increased again in English these two words, in order to prevent sexual discrimination. The) with for instance aged Aged(, in the understanding of Hesperian, also be an inactive, negative word, a lot of old people do not like it, consequently western media replaces it normally with Senior.

These two case that mention above, especially such similar Chairman/chairwomen example, be very much in English, I am impossible one by one respecting, I cite a few more typical case below, ask a reader to have a look, and can draw inferences about other cases from one instance:

Replace Chairman Chairman(with Chairperson)

Replace Mankind(mankind with Human Beings)

Replace Man-hour(man-hour with Work-hour)

Replace Aged(with Senior aged)

Replace Senile(consenescence with Older)

Replace Feeble(with Weak frail)

To facilitate the reader understands, I looked for an illustrative sentence on the net again, have 4 words among them, had better replace with additionally 4 words in bracket, in order to avoid Sexism liability.

Solvent Abuse Is Not A Crime But If A Policeman (police Officer) Finds A Young Man (person) Under 17 Sniffing Solvents, he (the Officer) Should Take Him (the Person) To A Secure Place Such As The Police Station, home Or Hospital. Abusive dissolvent does not belong to crime, but if a police discovers 17 years old,the following youth is in suck dissolvent, this police ought to send a safe place this youth, for example in police station, home or hospital.

Author: Zhang Hong (Info@italian.org.cn)

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