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English witticism (everyday term)
From;    Author:Stand originally
Origin: Elegant letter amounts to English community

I Am Up To My Ears In Work. I am busy cannot leave hand in.
It's On The House. This is free.
Who But He Would Do Such A Thing. Who can do this kind of thing besides him.
Great Minds Think Alike. Heroic place sees be the same as slightly.
You're Laying It On Thick. Your overpraise is pulled.
Get Over Yourself. Fasten self-righteous.
Get Out Of My Face. From disappear before me.
You Piss Me Off. You enrage me dead
Cut It Out. Save a province.
You've Gone Too Far! You are too beyond the mark.
I Can't Take It Anymore. I am overcome!
Don't Nag Me. Do not chatter before me.