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Chinese traditional festival reachs mobile flower interpret
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New Year - New Year ' S Day
The Spring Festival - Spring Festival
38 - International Working Women ' S Day
51 - May Day
54 - Chinese Youth Day
61 - International Children ' S Day
81 found an army section - Army Day
The Chinese Communist establishs memorial - Aniversary Of The Founding Of The Communist Party Of China
The National Day - National Day
Spring festival scrolls - Spring Festival Couplets
New Year picture - New Year Pictures
Paper-cut - Paper-cuts
The New Year's Eve - The New Year ' S Eve
Stay up late or all night on New Year's Eve - Stay Up Late On The New Year ' S Eve
Put firecracker - Let Off Fire Crackers
Pay a New Year call - Pay A New Year Visit
Reunion meal - Family Reunion Dinner
The festival of lanterns - Lantern Festival
Yuanxiao - Sweet Dumplings
Festive lantern - Festival Lantern
Riddles written on lanterns - Lantern Riddle
Dragon lantern - Dragon Lantern
Pay respects to sb at his tomb - Sweep Graves Of One ' S Ancestors Or Loved Ones
Ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for - Offer Scarifices To The Ancestors
Go for a walk in the country in spring - Go For An Outing In Spring
Contest dragon boat - Dragon-boat Racing
Enjoy the glorious full moon - Appreciate The Glorious Full Moon
Section of 99 heavy this world - Double Ninth Day
Admire chrysanthemum - Admire The Beauty Of Chrysanthemum