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The English on bottle labels
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There often is number of a few Englishes on bottle, demonstrate the character of wine, different country has different expression method.

French wine code decides: Save in summerly man mind only (a few place of Charentes) and area of heart of seaside Xia Lang, help advance somebody's career a few specific grape breed, use boiler of crock type distill, the distillation fluid of earning of straight fire distill, keep in storage is inside oak bucket, through a certain number of year old wine is old ripe distillation wine, ability approval is used " but Nie is overcome " (the brand of Cognac) . Other area, use same method to make the distillation wine that makes already,
Cannot use " but Nie is overcome " name.

Like France but Nie overcomes wine (brandy) on bottle, often can see the following sign:

Three Stars SamSung, store up 4.5 years the following.

V.S.O.P. The brandy of age light color with very high grade Very Superior Old Pale. The brandy that stores up 4.5 years at least, color is lighter,

V.S.O. Very Special Old

V.V.S.O. VeryVerySpecialOldPale

V.S.O.D. Wine of Very Superior Old Dark(is filled in cask, absorb cask to dissolve the Dan Ningcheng portion that come out, make wine from colorless turn into Brown, time heals long, debauchery heals deep, friend name.

Reserve reservation

Extra is fancy

X.OExtra Old is age and fancy

CordonBlue blue cordon

V.S.E.P. Very Superior Extra Pale explains this is the distillation wine " with extremely high-grade " , common at American market.

French bubbly contains what candy measures to represent a means:

EXTRA-SEC contains sugar 1% to 2%

SEC contains sugar 2% to 5%

DEMI-SEC contains sugar 4% to 6%

DOUX contains sugar 8% to 10%