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Http of edition of 2003 broken solution downloads Oriental express newest patch
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Software brief introduction: 1, download above all " hand in product of big inscription peaceful to upgrade program patch edition " to this locality hard disk;
2, run UpdateSPAll.exe next, the process can detect automatically the Oriental series product that installs in your machine, upgrade newlier according to needing actually to select corresponding product program;
3, after running UpdateSPAll.exe, move [begin menu] | [Program] | [Oriental express 2003] | [Online update] the program can upgrade.
· upgrades / modification content:
Word issue cannot be taken below correction Win98.
Correction intelligence aide registers a watch to detect incorrect problem.
Divisional size keeps circle of multilingual search input.
Amend multilingual search to click irreclaimable problem twice.
Correction Word embeds interpreter picture loses an issue.
Correction navigation platform safeguards a dialog box to show incorrect issue in lexicon of the user below Win98.
The issue of user lexicon cannot be saved in correction PRA.
Oriental express of formal edition ★ 6 great revolution ★
· translates quality revolution: The three-layer that used corpora, mode, grammar translates engine framework, interpreter quality rises hundred.

· network translates revolution: Apply network Chinese solely to spend a bundle, undertake be optimizinged technically in the light of every website, interpreter effect has materiality breakthrough.

· interpreter applies revolution: Will multilingual interpreter applies at all sorts of use setting, include writ processing, network to browse, the network chats, the network searchs ……

Revolution of · interactive interpreter: Exclusive application environment is interactive interpreter technology, in the light of need not apply an environment to choose the most appropriate collocation automatically, the interpreter is more accurate.

· translates intelligent revolution: The edge translates edge study, use interpreter effect to had been jumped over more; Perfect union is translated artificially and translate automatically, change effectively interpreter effect.

· depth is built-in revolution: As built-in as all sorts of common application software depth such as OFFICE, ACROBAT, conveniently application, see interpreter effect immediately.