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Translate the development strategy of service industry by Wen Zhou
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Interpreter activity is perforative at activity of economy of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals from beginning to end, specific and character, interpreter business is covered and involved document of patent of contract of book of information information, mark, standard, science and technology, brand to claim for compensation of advertisement, manufacturer and product introduction, negotiation, technology communicates and groom, business of service of domestic site construction, imports and exports, information management. Of communication of home market of the international after joining WTO as China and shirt-sleeve pace accelerate, the speed that market of lukewarm city interpreter is having no before is swift and violent develop. Through translating the market research of service industry to Wen Zhou, the article is analysing foundation of its current situation to go up, with respect to development the strategy offers a certain number of proposals.
One, Wen Zhou translates service industry current situation to analyse
Show district of level lukewarm city the translation firm of greatly little different scope makes an appointment with many 20. Manage what the situation has compared to interpreter of live abroad of global interpreter, Chun Xia's interpreter, interpret forest interpreter, gold waits among them, involved language is roughly: English, Japanese, Han Yu, German, Russian, French, spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Arabic 40 many. They basically provide bilingual written translation and oral interpretation service for of all kinds enterprise and individual, interpreter business covers industry of trade, finance, safe, estate, travel, law, advertisement, computer, network, information, communication, machinery, electron, metallurgy, chemical industry, biology, medicine, medical apparatus and instruments, car, environmental protection, aviation, nucleus, building, mining industry, food. Besides, still offer do sth for sb writ, attestation a series of service project.
(one) have vast market potential
Intellectual economy times, the interpreter has made the one part of the Information Industry, there is decisive effect in innovation of stimulative communication, knowledge. Current, the whole world translated market production value to had exceeded 13 billion dollar, asia-Pacific area was occupied 30% among them, and 30% what China occupies Asia-Pacific area again, achieve 13.7 billion yuan of RMBs. But, wen Zhou translates the market to be not returned in countrywide market share to 10% .
Economy of Wenzhou civilian battalion starts early, development fast, proportion tall, contribution is large, it is the important characteristic of lukewarm state economy. Of economy of Wenzhou civilian battalion develop to export infuse for foreign trade continuously driving vigor. Lukewarm city foreign trade has had the dimensions that comparative, ” of money of “ lukewarm city has entered 190 many countries and area, wen Zhou is distinguished live abroad native place, share 50 much overseas Chinese to spread all over more than 90 country and area. The prosperity of civilian battalion economy, the solid growth of foreign trade, the foreign trade flow from personnel of course of study and colony, all sorts of international exhibit meeting, seminar is tounament even to hold, the interpreter service industry that is Wen Zhou offerred broad market and good development chance.
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