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How does interpreter personnel use high-tech to improve work efficiency
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According to investigation, be engaged in for a long time translating working personnel at present, 99% still be to use handiwork to translate means, the computer is appropriative typewriter only to major interpreter. Why to translate personnel not to like to use a translation software? The reason is very simple, the accuracy of automatic interpreter is too low, do not have any helps almost to translating personnel. This has let a lot of ever cherished happiness to expected to buy a person of another translation software to pledge from now on with translation software break off relations, say their “ talks about translation software color to change ” but not exaggerative. —— of “ translation software is the consistent reaction that cogged ” is them. This is pardonable also, it is the rate that changes research to computer intelligence at present really what did not achieve us to imagine is so tall, and the language translates be an integrated ability to reflect, ask translator is perfectness not only at least two kinds of languages and culture, master enough professional cultural background even, the even that the mankind can achieve this requirement is very few, how can be the computer accomplished again to the queen's taste? Machine translation becomes one of 10 big difficult problem of world is not to do not have a truth.
Be in recently " computer world " the thesis that a future about speech and language technology sees on the newspaper, described change the inviting foreground that replaces human mechanization with robot sex, the tentative idea will come the mankind is different the communication between the language is OK an intelligence machine eliminates have the aid of obstacle, will make inside 10 years adjacent and real time, perfect machine translation makes economic commercial tool.
So, have not come true in this dream today, can the computer be typewriter or electronic dictionary only really to interpreter personnel? Induce the characteristic that translates business at present, we discover not hard, firm of a lot of translations or branch exist to duplicate work in great quantities. Especially book of plan of the much investment report that investment tropics of these a few years comes to, business affairs, mark, contract the interpreter that wait business, mode very much the same, repeating a quantity is clearly. If can use technology of a kind of memory, these content memory is in tailor-made system, take out the result that translates before automatically when the interpreter, the interpreter's workload can decrease greatly, interpreter quality also has basic safeguard, the save labour when the province.
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