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Henan TAC 6 countries by the year 2009, "a senior translator," the title
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Yesterday morning, the Translators Association of Henan Province, the Fifth Congress was held in Zhengzhou. Vice Chairman of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, the Chinese executive vice president of TAC, the former vice chairman of China Federation of Returned Overseas Tang Wensheng, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Provincial Association for Science, Foreign Affairs Office, Provincial Tourism Bureau and other department heads to attend. Provincial TAC members, members and a total of 200 college students attended the meeting. The General Assembly adopted the "work of the Translators Association of Henan Province" and the new "translation of Articles of Association of Henan Province", and elected the Fifth Council of the Translators Association of Henan Province and the new governing bodies, and six for the 2009 national " Senior translator hono rary title of "the province experienced translation experts, and in 2009, Henan Province, Henan Province Translation Translation Association's award-winning competition were awarded honorary certificates. Translators Association of Henan Province (the "Henan TAC") was established in 1985, is an academic, industry-based community organizations, literary translation under the Social Committee, Committee on Science and Technology Applied Translation, Translation Teaching and Research Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee and other translation four professional committees.