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Book Translation Industry "behind closed doors" Stopped
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Fifth Pair of "Literary Translation Class" award for the first time vacancies shock people, why the letter, and elegance of the literary works become the swan song, the domestic translation industry a "dead"? Meanwhile, the main push in recent years to spare no effort "culture going out" has had little effect. On the other hand, as the book industry in the development of the market, foreign publishers can not reach it for the excellent translation of library resources and domestic frustration, many of China's private publishers seeing the foreign market is able to go. China Book Translation Industry in the end how to meet the bottleneck? Book translation industry in China there is a minimum standard of living of the fixed pattern: the National Programme to develop books, publishers responsible for planning translation projects of national requirements, the private company to undertake the translation project, specific arrangements for translation translation company, translators responsible for the translation of specific , and finally back to the layers of publishers, and then after repeated continuously to form a translation of the final book. So after after this minimum standard of living quality of the translation of books in the end do? The answer is obviously easy to see: the quality is getting worse. Lu Xun, "Literary Translation Class" award from the side of the vacancy is no doubt confirmed this phenomenon. Many people revel in annual increase in Chinese exports to China at the time of books, but did not notice these books overseas in the end is what fate. Press more to the completion of "task" The book translation industry level contracting model, International Cooperation Department of China Intercontinental Press, Zheng Lei no alternative business executives. As several of the few books of foreign direct export Press, Intercontinental in several countries around the world annually to export large quantities of Chinese to English books. "Undeniably, we are more of us in the completion of the publication of the national task." Cheng Lei told reporters. Long, exports of Chinese books is the main form of guidance related to Press the Government, according to national foreign books published by the campaign to choose the book topic, type, quantity. "In fact, this introduction to the book in foreign markets was not good." Cheng Lei, frankly, publishers in many countries each year to undertake the task of the foreign publication, and publication of books mostly take part in some exhibitions and exchanges, the participating 80% of the book of traditional Chinese culture, class and macro-economic class, books, sales outlet is very optimistic. Lei Zheng told reporters that China Intercontinental most books are ultimately translated through the national procurement distributed to units of foreign exchange at all levels, really very few books into the market. In this national macro-policies under the guidance of foreign promotion to a simple translation of books and is also not optimistic. Zheng Lei, due to the costs, publishers are not willing to spend great efforts to organize foreign language editing room, so book translation outsourcing has become a major way. "General is a translation company or the project to the private publishers, translators compiled by the organization they are responsible, then we have to guard the pass." But in this case, books, the quality of translation will not be able to control the. Lei Zheng advice for outsourcing translation quality books a lot. Each translation of the manuscript to find a translator to conduct foreign-related processing and retouching, as far as possible be close to the Western books translated the books editor of thinking. Translation company translation of the fierce competition of cheap Book Translation Chinese private company has been living in a state of contradictions. As a chain of book translated the most important aspect of translation companies to seek the one hand, high-quality translation for the publishing house candidates, but we also need in an increasingly competitive industry wages by lowering the cost of maintaining the translator meager profits. Translation work more than 20 years Gu Weiguang is the boss of a small translation company, he has strong feelings about this: Beijing's translation market is extremely confusing. Gu Weiguang Road to reporters, made the fierce competition in the industry looking for translators, translation companies to make wage costs down, which is a direct result of lowering the quality of translation. Hundreds of Beijing alone, there is currently large and small translation company, translation companies in the business is to undertake a large part of translated books. Most of the translators on the market to foreign language in school students, teacher-based. These part-time translators for the purpose of the variation in levels. "Imagine, the overall level of how high the translation!" Gu Weiguang to reporters, for example: The current publishers to translate the company's prices are generally in every thousand words 100 yuan to 200 yuan, in order to obtain as much business, translation companies Malignant bid. In this case, in order to obtain profits, translation companies to lower prices can only be hired translators. "Students just need the general employment of 50-80 yuan per thousand words." Gu Weiguang said, if you put aside the economic benefits just from the perspective of literary translation into account, to get foreigners to better understand the contents of a Chinese book, the best approach is to allow foreigners to translate Chinese books. "But this is impossible." Gu Weiguang Seriously, a high level of foreign translators royalties for every thousand words of basic at 400 yuan, which is translation companies simply can not afford. In fact, the translation of foreign companies generally will ask the translator of manuscripts that have been translated to polish, because in such a simple task, but also the foreign translators of the royalties of about 100 yuan per thousand words. Gu Weiguang shook his head: "In such cases, how can there be thought considering how to improve translation quality, as far as possible to ensure the translation is not wrong to have been very good." Translators and translation painful choices to survive As a Westerner, while the East has a profound cultural foundation, Topley in the field of literary translation has a deeper understanding than others. Had while studying in China for the love of literature, he embarked on the path of literary translation. 10 years later, the translation has a love for literature who was embarrassed to find translations of Chinese books is not optimistic. "In China I have seen a lot from the Chinese translation, Chinese Press, and then into the English translation of foreign books, put it bluntly, really bad." TAO Jian, told reporters that seriously, whether it is from a Western Chinese point of view, or from a professional translator point of view, the export of Chinese books in translation too self-centered, while ignoring the books directly to the audience to be those little knowledge of China, foreigners who. "A lot of translated books is actually more like a Chinese good for foreigners who choose the content they need to know, but according to the Chinese people's thinking about the content, even the language is with a clear idea of the oriental culture, which for foreign readers is absolutely can not understand. " Because "the concept of different", in the professional literature and translation Topley currently co-translated books of foreign publishers, who rarely do the job for the Chinese Press. He believes that to truly make his own translations of Western readers understand that only through a model: Chinese books sold the copyright to the foreign Press, and then let the foreign publisher has invited its own translator to translate, and finally by published in the form of its publication. TAO Jian Chinese publishers have had before and cooperation, but he found himself spent a year out of the books most of the translation was shelved, never appeared abroad, which makes him very frustrated as a translation. "I feel the labor of their own is meaningless." Topley frustration. In addition, another very important reason is survival. "Tell the truth, because I am a professional translation, so you need this professional to support me, but reality tells me that this is impossible." Topley said that very few publishers willing to spend money to China Please foreign who complete a translation of books, because publishers think the price is too high. But Topley also frustration that the translation of a book at least six months or more, royalties was not enough to maintain life. Exports need to change ideas culture In fact, the long-term quality of translations of Chinese books has not only not enhance translation industry itself, the deeper reason is that books go out of China's development strategy. Lei Zheng expressed the domestic over-anxious to push their own culture abroad, according to market demand should balance supply and demand. "In fact, overseas demand for Chinese books in itself is not as big as we had imagined." Zheng Lei said, although foreigners want to understand China, but as a foreign publishers, they cared more about how to make money. Because they will be published as a lucrative industry. In China, the export of foreign books on the promotion of Chinese culture in high places, and the market itself can not form a docking. In addition, as long engaged in overseas private book dealers book marketing, Huang Yongjun view is that the book should grasp the export market demand, to personally go and deal with foreign publishers to understand what they need, so as to export demand. Topley will stick to their philosophy. "China's publishing companies more to consider how the copyright should be exported to foreign countries, and then let go abroad, their translator, in accordance with their publishing rules to publish." "Another point of view, many of the books are in English Chinese market is extremely popular, but also good quality of translation. If a little more careful you will find that these are Chinese translation of foreign books, for example, you rarely see an American translation of the Chinese people to see the American Library right? "Topley said the only way to form a good publishing exchange, but also can promote a substantial improvement in the level of books translated. Channel through an interpreter, domestic publishers and foreign publishers to build communication platform is a priority. "In fact, most of the time I'm not doing translation work, but for many domestic and foreign publishers to exchange the mouthpiece." Topley joked. Not long ago, he formed a company to create a contact platform for domestic and foreign publishers. "Now even the largest book fair is also very difficult to meet the needs of the." Topley introduced, foreign publishers require in-depth understanding of their counterparts in China, what they are interested in books, and book fairs in a short enough for a few days completely unfamiliar culture and business of the two parties know each other. In his view, should be sufficient for domestic and international publishers to create more opportunities to communicate face to face. Topley very busy these days, the British Embassy organized a group of British publishers to come to China to seek partners to help them contact Topley the domestic counterparts. "We need to do now is to give the British publisher and Chinese publishers to create more opportunities for exchange, exchange of the more stronger mutual trust, resulting in the greater opportunities for cooperation." "But you can not change overnight," said Huang Yongjun, domestic book translation industry conflict can not change the short term, the export of Chinese books translated to change the status quo will take time to accumulate. "At least now there are many colleagues in the publishing industry recognize this, and believe there will be more people getting to know."