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Shenzhen named "Ten Good Books" RTHK translations favored
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As the focus of Shenzhen Reading Month activities this year, one of the "Top Ten Good Books" award, the judges through the primaries heated discussion and voting, 100 primary bibliography has freshly baked. Entries, the Hong Kong and Taiwan books, translated numerous books list, 100 titles of the selected features and the publication of the trend over the past year and reading the same trend. It is understood that although the introduction of works by authors in Hong Kong has continued without interruption, but this year, or reflect distinctive features, is more literary value of the book publishing industry by the mainland's attention, for example, West is quite a literary achievement high-writer, but until January 2010 her work was only introduced in the Mainland of Guangxi Normal University Press ("My City"); and Dung Kai Cheung, Hong Kong emerged in recent years, a heavyweight of young writers, this year, his "day • Xu-xu, such as a job really matter "and" sports period "by the Shanghai People's Publishing House, respectively, coincidentally, the introduction of the Writers Publishing House published the" My City "and" Heavenly Creations • Xu-xu, such as true "all access the 100 primary bibliography. In addition, the list of selected primary bibliographic famous Hong Kong and Taiwan also Chiang Hsun, Chang, Chu, Chu Tien-hsin, Donald and so on. The translation of the book in a foreign country, the emerging wave of translations of this year, 100 of books in the primaries, there are 29 books in translation. Written by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, translated by Wei Shi small "1Q84" due to both popular and readable, overwhelmingly selected. Just won the award Huxiao Yue Fu Lei translation also with French writer Pierre • Aso in the "Gaston • Jia Lima: a half century history of the French publication of" easy cut. In addition, the reporter learned that the 100 produced in the primary list of books, both bestsellers, there should carefully read the fine taste of the book. Selected bibliography, humanities, still account for a large proportion of literary, but political and economic books of the list has also increased the proportion of Books and a wider field of vision. For example, Jinguan Tao, Lau Cheng-fung's "History of Ideas Research: the formation of important modern political terms," Zheng Yongnian, "China model: Experiences and difficulties," Hu's "Shu Li observation: the real problem in China ten years", etc. are to be selected.