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Shenyang English translates 4008122-886 government information
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The international brand with professional authority of ― of sea power interpreter translates an orgnaization
Whole nation of ― of sea power interpreter's well-known chain trademark translates an orgnaization
Sea power translates the interpreter of character of ― international attestation to serve an orgnaization

Sea power interpreter is the chain service that is engaged in interpreter of mouth of each language major, written translation technically via a when approval of industrial and commercial bureau holds water orgnaization, the interpreter professional work that the company basically provides the each country language such as English, Japanese, Han Yu, French, German, Russian, spanish, Italian and each major field, for government sector, society organization, enterprise or business unit and individual offer authoritative, professional, efficient, confidential high grade interpreter to serve. Our interpreter is special the chapter is mixed by orgnaization of governmental orgnaization, institution, notary organization, law each country diplomatic and consular missions is approbated, interpreter quality by international place attestation, strict service flow and quality safeguard system will make high level for you, the satisfaction that the price actors or actress puts be convinced Wu.

Service concept
We hold to the satisfaction with “ client from beginning to end is us forever pursuit ” serves a concept for sincere letter, with “ quality the first, professional service ” serves a standard for sincere letter. Because use a heart, so professional.

Communication platform
As the whole nation chain brand translates an orgnaization, we will provide the client's best communication platform, the company all uses centralized service technological process and quality safeguard to run systematic level to the translation service of the branch, serve the translation that offers convenient, considerate, satisfaction for you.

Professional group
By different major the senior major of setting and intellectual structure translates personnel, study abroad alliance of leader of homecoming personnel, sphere of learning and famous college teacher is comprised, rely on Dalian and countrywide each district the dragoman dominant position with expert of interpreter of class of a batch of professors, professional preeminent domain, devote oneself to to make a whole nation pledge professionally, high, efficient interpreter expert group.

Company financial condition
We are right the client's acceptance: Be as good as one's word, time keeping and keeping secret is our obligatory responsibility from beginning to end, we can carry out service flow strictly, will offer client quality the interpreter with the fastest, the most comfortable price serves highest, speed.

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