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Shenyang facilities for simultaneous interpretation rents company management inf
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Simultaneous interpretation is called again simultaneous interpretation, it is the job of a kind of oral interpretation with the biggest difficulty, also be current one of the most in short supply work station. Because simultaneous interpretation compares alternant interpreter more when the province, as internationally of the conference increasingly grow in quantity, simultaneous interpretation already was become gradually internationally the uses generally interpreter form in congress. Shenyang of firm of the 100 translations that be like bud passing dragoman together is course major pass together groom, belong to a country one class passes dragoman together, have rich simultaneous interpretation experience. Additional, the complete set that the company still can provide simultaneous interpretation place to need in Shenyang area is passed together equipment is rented and technical support serves, be what the client provides complete set thereby pass the conference to translate a solution together. The installation design that we pursue conference facility technically and rent, sale, installation debugs the system that reachs equipment to safeguard compositive company. The service that our company provide for the client includes: Simultaneous interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, vote implement, acoustics of interpreter equipment, conference equipment, lighting, measuring projector, wireless microphone, radio microphone, wireless earphone. Involves field includes:
Acoustics of activity of literary evening party, celebration, sales promotion, news is released, culture communication
The exhibition is revealed, evening party clique is right, unexpectedly clique of ability match, fashion show, birthday is right
All sorts of conferences, autograph is entered about, start working lays a foundation, cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony kicks off, business affairs is formal
Annual meeting of conduct propaganda of culture of festal celebration, square, fashion show, advertisement, trade
The product that we involve has: Simultaneous interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, wireless guide see, wireless explain implement, interpreter equipment, send equipment, conference equipment together, vote implement, wireless equipment, measuring projector; Professional sound box, independent sound console, great merit is put, system of of all kinds and machine of of all kinds mike, projector, sign in, plasma screen, large video presentation; System of control of lamps and lanterns of light of smooth laser of arena lamps and lanterns, computer lamps and lanterns, aerosol, laser, Long, specially good effect, lamplight and material of of all kinds bad news, arena reachs truss device.

The change of overweight oneself development and market demand is noted since the 100 companies that be like bud establish Shenyang, take business chance in time, raise a company to serve quality ceaselessly in market competition, enlarge the 100 brand force that are like bud. Undertaking meeting is exhibited reach show activity too numerous to mention one by one, content covered ceremony of annual meeting of conference of strategy of business affairs of governmental commonweal activity, international, large company, company celebration, of all kinds taste newly release, business of platform of public opinion of commercial communication informal discussion, media, mass organizations acts and of all kinds literary show serves big, medium, diminutive; Offer compere, singer, dancing, street dance, modern dance, folk dance, acrobatics, magic comic dialogue, essay, wushu performance, China attacks husband, model to go beautiful, star show reachs all sorts of celebration services. Have way of a seasoned, work the working group of rigorous, high quality. In intense with each passing day market competition, we will with “ the most perfect service, the best reputation, the most reasonable price ” serves at you.
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