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Er of rice of Shenyang rich contain translates a company
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Er of rice of Shenyang rich contain translates advisory limited company is classics Shenyang city what industrial and commercial bureau registers formally is professional translation firm, the professional public figure that reachs domestic lingustic group by many abroad homecoming student establishs jointly, chinese telegraphic partner, day is stationed in Shenyang to get house government website to recommend Liaoning brand to translate an enterprise, through promotional Chinese and Western square culture communicates, activity of stimulative international business affairs, have the talent of each industry elite that is engaged in foreign language translating the job for years and school interpret personnel, depend on extensive knowledge and ability, long-term since to include bank of European Union, world, be stationed in China diplomatic mission, east group of soft Hua Chen inside numerous inside and outside endowment the service that enterprise and orgnaization of the directly under that visit town provided high grade, efficient, major, interpreter work already was exhibited by much home the house is collected, in Liaoning bound of interpret of whole even and northeast area established good professional wind model.

Limited company of interpreter of Er of rice of Shenyang rich contain offers interpreter of English interpreter, French interpreter, Germanization, Japanese, Russian interpreter, Han Yu of the much language character such as interpreter, spanish interpreter, Italian interpreter, Portuguese interpreter, unconscious language translation, Arabic medium, the interpreter that is good at a variety of domains such as finance, law, trade, IT, communication, mechanical, electron, chemical industry, biology, medicine, traffic, real estate serves. We provide the working manner with cordial enthusiasm excellent service for you.

The interpreter personnel of company of Er of rice of Shenyang rich contain all has old interpreter work experience, have the doctor of interpreter or industry respect, master's degree, dragoman masters adroitness to characteristic of each country language and industry term, take hold accurate can use the interpreter with target accurate, normative language to convey. Additional, we still invite personage of foreign nationality major to undertake written translation or manuscript of direct compose foreign language, the business affairs activity that is you provides service of high quality written translation. Through old effort, we had developed make the full-time interpreter that has 1000 polynomial to spread all over the whole world and pluralistic interpreter team.

The specification when connection is in the 58 information that see with the city, will obtain more credit.

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