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Ji translated works: Ramayana
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Ramayana Author: [India] ant mound Translator: Ji ISBN: 9787806573402 Pages: 424 Price: 20.5 Publisher: Yilin Press Binding: Hardcover Published on: 2002-8-1 Introduction India's ancient epic. And the "Mahabharata," the two tied for the Indian epic. In the history of Indian literature called the first poem. The book is a verse, written in Sanskrit, poetry almost always lose Luojia Law (paraphrase the song), 2 lines per section, each line of 16 syllables. "Ramayana," which means Ramayana. Rama is a legendary figure in ancient India. Gradually being deified. Although the artistic style of simple and minimalist, simple and smooth, but has shown a tendency of small carved Lou. In India it has been regarded as a model of narrative poems, ancient and medieval literature are mostly derived from. India has long been far beyond its impact, particularly widespread in Asia, and the inclusion of the most precious cultural heritage. The story has with the translation of Buddhist scriptures into China.