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Finally got over a thousand hours of hard Translation Literary Translation Award
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They often through the night, they will be presented to the people of foreign classics, they also took the remuneration is not high. Many of us have seen translations of foreign classics, but few people concerned about the translation of these works. Yesterday, the reporter an exclusive interview just be a big Liaoning Foreign Literature Translation Award Wang Associate Professor of English, she told reporters about the translation is not all know the story.

Last week, the sixth prize in the literary criticism of Liaoning Award, Literary Translation Award, Young Writers Award and the Award for the eleventh novel in Shenyang, Liaoning Cao Ping Chu. Ping Chu, Liaoning Literary Award this year were four literary criticism award, Literature Translation Award 3. President Professor Sun Yuhua by large foreign host (participants were Wangli Dan Associate Professor Liu Hong) monograph "Rasputin of" access to literary criticism award, a large English as a University Professor Wang Chunfu, Yang Jing, translated the teacher's "Dad Dad's disappearance "(United States Michael Malone) was a literary translation prize. It is reported that Liaoning literary prize was established by the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Liaoning Provincial Writers Association's literature awards. Wang after winning a very calm, but she is proud of the past, this award are quite a few outside the authority of any of the big old president.

"This book is about translation almost a year, goal is to translate 3000 words a day or so, plus change, information search, time-consuming, and sometimes seventy-eight hours a day. Add up to one thousand hours, and the book is about 40 million words. "Wang told the reporter, the translation is easy, translated the difficult situation is the translation industry translator seriously and instant success because of neglect by the social status of literature. To do the translation language fluency, but also faithful to the original is very difficult. Speaking Why can persist, Wang explained that she likes literature, and even obsession. Can be said to beat tales, often in most of the night, as a word, a word translation of the place and excited.

Wang also told reporters that the meeting eventually reached consensus on many, while the translation of the General Assembly is very difficult to get consistent, she cited an example to reporters, Milan Kundera's "Unbearable Lightness of life" was very popular in the country, very readable translation of the earliest translators. Milan Kundera himself but to another book for translation when the translator, but found a lot of the earliest translation of the fault .