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Golden hill company is huge endowment introduce flower dictionary " American tra
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A few days ago, golden hill company announces external, this company has expanded endowment nearly 2 million yuan of RMBs, introduced American famous lexicographic work " American traditional dictionary " (The American Heritage Dictionary) electronic publication copyright, already joined this dictionary in the newest version of PowerWord.

" American traditional dictionary " has powerful Ying Ying explains a function, will make PowerWord becomes the first implementation Ying Ying, English-Chinese of domestic, Chinese-English, Chinese the 4 all-pervasive dictionary software to the explanation, also make level of whole of homebred dictionary translation software reachs a new peak from content. Golden hill company pays so exorbitant fee to buy the copyright of a dictionary, this is in industry is more infrequent. Is golden hill what to consideration stem from? " American traditional dictionary " this what kind of dictionary be?

Side of golden hill company says, the price with so big flower of be willing to part with or use buys this dictionary, the reason has two. Above all, the user investigation of golden hill company shows the user of 70 % hopes PowerWord can increase Ying Ying to explain a function. "Want be user need only, we should use up the greatest power to try Lei Jun of general manager of company of sufficient " golden hill says so. Next, this dictionary really content is worth somewhat. As we have learned, " American traditional dictionary " it is American home the dictionary of very influential special authority, and become series oneself, from the price the pocket dictionary of 5.99 dollars arrives value the syntactic dictionary have everything that one expects to find of 85 dollars. The version that golden hill company introduces this is its standard edition, 50 dollars are in American price. This dictionary collects about 350 thousand words in all, 3. 40 thousand use example, a variety of 500 use annotate and appendix of new castigatory etymology, once was judged to be " to edit the referenced tool " of the choice by A Mazon.com, it is the main tool with professional English indispensable worker, also be the good teacher and helpful friend of broad English lover, have very tall authority. Those who believe this dictionary introduce, will make domestic English lover much give a good option, especially with electronic dictionary this kind of form appears, will make Chinese user need not cost too big cost, with respect to the powerful function that can enjoy this dictionary to bring.

Ying Ying dictionary when the importance to learning English very apparent. A lot of English words have multiple the meaning of a word, their explanation that only the Ying Ying of former juice raw ingredient explains ability is accurate and pure come out. Especially the nuance between a lot of synonym, use what Chinese is clear about very hard to try to distinguish, must put system of the ability in specific language environment piece, for instance, if you see A Literary Lion of a phrase, if explaining directly with Chinese, it is literary leonine meaning, affirmative meeting gives a person the sense with water of a mist. Actually, if you know Lion still has An Eminent Person; Acelebrity (celebrated figure, celebrity) meaning, you can understand, a Literary Lion is to point to literary celebrity so. Additional, master a language, still have a very main factor, that should learn to undertake reflection with this language namely, if you want to learn to think with English, so a favorable language environment appears crucial, explain the English word that does not know with English, extremely helpful also to developing English thinking ability so, ying Ying dictionary is first-rate not only the tool that check a word, and also representing a kind of advanced study way. The English level that considers major user and use habit, golden hill company is done not have with pure Ying Ying this dictionary the form of the dictionary collects new edition PowerWord, offerred Ying Ying dictionary and English-Chinese however double solution dictionary installs a form two kinds, brought huge to go to the lavatory to the user.
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