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Elegant letter CAT includes " nation emphasis plan of new product "
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Recently, state committee of science and technology transmits a good news, product of elegant letter CAT is included plan of " of new product of emphasis of nation of 2000 year " , the company is filled with exultation up and down. This reflected the national attention to company of new and high technology not only, more the main task that explains " of " machine translation is development of national science and technology, the effect that it produces to national economy nots allow to ignore! Secretary-general of association of interpreter of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor Li Yashu hears the news to the company specially expresses to congratulate and be encouraged, CAT of hope elegant letter can make persistent efforts, provide better translation software to translate personnel, make contribution to revitalize ethical software!
Beijing is elegant those who believe sincere company newest development flower
Chinese two-way interpreter platform- - elegant letter CAT, be aimed at the tool software that has the unit that translates the task and individual development technically. It advances brand-new CAT idea (Computer Aided Translation, CAT of the following abbreviation) , compositive the TM with advanced international (Translation Memory) technology, home accumulates old MT(Mechine Translation) technique, and very convenient interactive (Interactive) means. The main effect of elegant letter CAT is: Help enterprise and interpreter personnel fall in the premise that assures to translate quality, improve interpreter efficiency easily. Through the test of hundreds user, after using elegant letter CAT, interpreter quality is more than artificial interpreter, interpreter rate rises 2 times ~4 times differ, labor intensity is less than original 1/3.
Assist a tool as the interpreter, elegant letter CAT and other interpreter's biggest distinction depends on is not to let the computer replace a person to do an interpreter, give priority to with artificial interpreter however, the computer is offerred auxiliary. Everybody knows, because automatic interpreter accuracy is too poor,the translation software breaks his promise to want at using householder of late is, make an user very disappointed. Accordingly, what elegant letter CAT highlights is the terminology that its exceed high capacity (contain 45 major nearly 3 million vocabularies) remember a function with what have distinguishing feature alone, in remembering the content that the user translates automatically the knowledge base, the user uses ceaseless self-study to review, intelligence changes degree to rise gradually. The oldest rate decreases repeat work and check the dictionary, time that examines a data.
Roll out at the same time still brand-new electron changes interpreter solution. Compete in internationalization increasingly intense today, enterprise interpreter task is heavier and heavier, optimize interpreter flow, avoid to repeat an interpreter, reducing interpreter cost is the problem that every enterprise cares most. Build unified, normative interpreter management system, can make enterprise utmost favourable geographical position uses existing interpreter resource, efficient the ground completes interpreter work. Use centralized diction management and memorial library pattern, not only the consistency that can preserve translated text, improve interpreter quality, still be helpful for developing people of a new type quickly. Apply to any units that have interpreter job for a long time, individual and project technology personnel. Especially uneven to quality of built-in technology personnel enterprise, can use CAT system to build special corpus, be helpful for raising the accuracy of information information and technical document, reduced information to pass brought loss.
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