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Translation software of joint development of Thailand, Japan
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Thailand government falls in the support of Japanese government and NEC company, will develop those who face each country of southeast Asia alliance to be able to translate the translation software of Internet homepage and email automatically. On the parent language that this software can translate the homepage that writes with English into southeast Asia to be not English mandarin each automatically or world other and main language.
   ----The " Asia language that pursues this software development will hold water to develop central " in Thailand inside 2001, the main purpose that develops this software is the information chasm between the developed country that fill and level up produces as a result of language barrier and developing country.
   ----This object language of automatic translation software has the linguistic parent of the 8 countries such as guest of law of He Fei of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burmese, Laos, Kampuchea, Vietnam. The plan is in this software will be developed inside 5 years henceforth finish, at the appointed time the electronic dictionary that the network homepage that its aux will be able to translates word of afore-mentioned a few mandarin at the same time and email have interpreter place to need.
   ----The charge of this research is a few yen (add up to millions of dollars about) . Already developed at present a Japanese and flower, law, heart, Chinese, the company of NEC of Japan of multilingual translation software of 11 kinds of main languages such as Spain, will support this development with all one's strength from the technology. (department morning)

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