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Speech translates a technology to make the way that the language handles
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The language of spoken language of the 6th international that will kick off at Beijing on October 17 handles the meeting (International Conference On Spoken Language Processing, ICSLP2000) go up, the reporter understands, burgeoning speech translates a technology to becoming a language to handle the heat of the domain.
Conference of processing of language of international spoken language is one of international conferences with the most authoritative domain of language signal processing, initiate from 1990, biennially is held. Make progress newly on the international such as processing of interpreter of encode of perception of understanding of the linguistics that its content includes to be concerned with processing of colloquial language signal, phonetics, speech recognition, speech synthesis, language, language, speech, communication, speech, signal. This the conference is the dimensions that holds in our country the conference of the international speech side with the biggest, top level, mutual come from 47 countries and area scientist and scholar 1000 much people attended plenary meeting.

Bencihui discusses the theme of attention is new century to cross the language, spoken language that crosses mode to handle, between contented person and person, person and computer better colloquial communication, and speech interpreter technology is among them focus. According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Du Limin of director of alternant IT research center's researcher introduces acoustics place speech, differ with machine translation, speech interpreter is language of immediate be geared to the needs of the job undertake an interpreter. This kind of technology can help the person that uses different parent language speak directly not only, still can realize the colloquial communication between all sorts of languages and computer. Current, bound of American science and technology has labelled his one of 5 big targets that will emphasize development henceforth. Our country begins to consider from this technology occurrence beginning, already was in the world's lead position in a lot of respects. The speech interpreter of acoustics place and joint development of Japanese NTT company demonstrates the Chinese Academy of Sciences system, got attend the meeting the expert's accord reputably. But because colloquial comparing is written the language is more optional, be told so from technical angle, speech interpreter is bigger than the difficulty of machine translation, the technical difficult problem that face is more also, because this speech interpreter enters practical phase truly,still require more effort.

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