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The network translates scientific research to obtain major breakthrough
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Nowadays, no matter your body manages the world anyplace, as long as beside the computer that has net of a couplet, can be in through installation in relevant and telegraphic network " network news translates system of compositive processing platform " , dub mouse, can translate relevant network news or data automatically into the language that you need; The language that still can be familiar with with you and the person that do other language make communicate on the net directly.
This is the machine translation group that Chen Zhaoxiong of director of research center of project of information of computer language of the Chinese Academy of Sciences's researcher heads, the intelligence that advances according to oneself machine translation is academic, the success develops afterwards to win first prize of progress of national science and technology " system of intelligence machine translation " , the world the first " machine of pocket report interpret " with the first practical " multilingual interpreter browser " hind, positive result of taking another great scientific research. This achievement takes the lead in coming true in the world cross a language, cross the platform, freedom communication that crosses region.
The network of information is transmitted, make district has become the obstacle of people communication no longer, but language barrier still is affecting different country, different people badly however the communication between people. Then, resolve the language obstacle that network news communicates, become one of major difficult problem of forward position of international science and technology.
Because network news has information content,tremendous, form changes complex diversity, newlier to wait for a characteristic quickly, want to break through network news language to communicate an obstacle, must can have depth to the different message such as all sorts of speech in the network, image, character second processing. The project group that Chen Zhaoxiong's researcher heads, tackle key problem through do all one can of 16 years, broke through iformation flow to identify automatically, technologies of a series of network machine translation such as commutation of classification, interpreter, format and information management difficult problem, successfully development goes large " network news translates system of compositive processing platform " . This one system already was mixed by Jitong of UniCom of Chinese telecommunication, China, China the main communication network such as Hong Kong telecommunication applies actually, make the system of the first in congener technology devoted and actual application on international. Technical access makes over this system to already achieved direct economic benefits many yuan 6000, signed the technical collaboration contract of 200 million much HK dollar. This is afterwards of this project group development goes " connect on the net " , " multilingual browser " , " machine of pocket report interpret " after waiting for product of new and high technology, realize a technology to arrive from the lab again of the market span. (Zhang Yu of overseas edition reporter comes to the People's Daily)
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