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The development below the Chinese Academy of Sciences and pine goes two-way soun
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Company of estate of the electric equipment below Japanese pine announced a few days ago, this company and institute of automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences cooperate, successfully development goes viatic conversation to use Chinese and Japanese two-way sound translation software, and trial-produce went out inside the portable transducer that assembles miniature computer and telephone transmitter.

This software contains the function of error correction, although transducer spots occurrence error to audio, software also can be made according to the connection between context conclude, offer a few kinds of alternatives on screen. After the person that use makes a choice, can sound with synthetic sound. Interpreter precision had very big rise.

The translation software contained 1000 kinds of sentence pattern of Japanese and Chinese and 10 thousand words respectively. Translator and word data hold 8 sign about, can load small-sized memory among card. Allegedly after a few years, the memory that contains this kind of software blocks possible outfit to try to use in mobile telephone and portable device.