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Babylon is brand-new the translation software lets 3.1 edition you find everythi
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The whole world clicks company of Babylon of translation software introducer bannerly (Babylon.com) is his the 8 million freeware or public domain software that registers an user to provide referenced information to upgrade for newest 3.1 version. The person that the new version that upgrades automatically carries supply to use a more pure and fresh interface and more handy operation environment.

Company of Babylon of no less than to client acceptance in that way, collect feedback opinion and proposal from inside the user that uses Babylonian freeware or public domain software everyday, improve the interface of the translation software according to these passing on, make it is used more simply, easily. Below this tenet, according to the proposal of the user, babylon undertook improvement to the interface such as the dialog box of the translation software.

Babylonian company presiding apparitor Mr Shuki Preminger says: "Babylon is very proud can pass Internet, offer the simplest way to get information to the user. This one latest edition is to turn originally be the person that use to design. The modification opinion that the person that was united in wedlock to use offers, new version offers list of optimal IT term for the user. We roll out Babylon 3.1 brand-new the tenet of version is not to change main function, pass the outward appearance that changes an interface however, make the use of the tool more intuitionistic, convenient. Make the use of the tool more intuitionistic, convenient..

Use easily to make the tool of the translation software more handy, the needless disorder that because user interface is complex,avoid and brings, new 3.1 edition increased key-press of a changeover, clew contact condition, show " online / get offline / cannot connection " wait for clew language, still can choose to delete " Save-it " the annotate that saves in mode. Translation software of new edition Babylon also has very big change from the vision, bright interface becomes yellow, window newer, rate is rapidder, especially the inquiry window of new design and menu column, increased " changeover " and " recommend " key, can be concealed according to the size of window or show inquiry window and menu column. When the user inquires a word, it is online no matter or the condition that take off a net, want to click the word that is inquired only, the user can see a dialog box, offer interpreter note, by the additional information of inquiry word, the origin of word of the fish in the term list that replaces ceaselessly from the company. Babylonian translation software makes the user chooses the origin of information independently, is not to be an user to provide the information after choosing. For example, the client inquires term " B2B " or " Bluetooth " , need to click this word only, the instant plays the window that give to show " Whatis.com " the note that the expert offers. At that time, the user can choose to inquire the annotate of other or couplet receive Whatis.com website, inquire the more information of relevant theme.
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