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Advanced interpreter computer will come out
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According to dispatches from foreign news agency be equal to Ci Bao 2 days of messages: The scientists that international language translates group of advanced research cooperation are developing the computer technology that can become colloquial interpret word of 6 kinds of article.

On a when there are Japan, Italy, Korea and German scholar to attend in what hold recently conference that inspect an elephant, revealed this kind of spoken language to translate a technology.

The person that set an example asks with English: " Japan what time is now? " his inquiry is become by interpret inside a few seconds Japanese, after division of a Japan attending the meeting learns the home to listen, reply with Japanese: " Japan now is before dawn a bit. " this Japanese also by instantly interpret Cheng Yingwen.

Nevertheless, temporary system is only applicable be like flight time and hotel inquiry at concerned travel information. The expert is uptodate outside enlarging suitable scope except effort, still hope to be able to reform computer phonates, make it can reflect the mood of the person that tell solid communicate.