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"Say easily 2000 " technology
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Say easily 2000 " it is with IE core package is a foundation, company of news of collect channel day's top-ranking speech technology and interpreter technology are the Chinese speech browser of an organic whole. In function and the extension that manipulated a respect to have speech technology, can realize speech navigation completely, speech input, much window manages, real time interpreter, intelligence turns the function such as the code. The core of its speech technology is Chinese speech synthesis and technology of Chinese speech recognition, among them speech synthesis technology is supported the country for a long time by project of 863 new and high technology, get project of national science foundation and the Chinese Academy of Sciences at the same time " 85 " major project is aided financially; Speech recognition technology is based on development of IBM ViaVoice2000 new technology, identifying there was a big breakthrough on rate. Two core technology all is in congener system international lead position, assured " say easily 2000 " in Chinese " listen " and " say " the outstanding performance of the respect, just make speech technology application is able to come true at the network.
Speech technology already developed the 3rd level now, go up in application already the routine be closely bound up with people, with respect to speech recognition character, also had to rise character. When IBM ViaVoice2000 is rolled out, my company uses his to developed a tool to develop Chinese platform " say easily 2000 " . Its birth, make countless Chinese type a respect in the character, already was hard to remember by the input method no longer a worry, what it started field of human computer speech is epochal. Rise increasingly as computer network technology, the user also raises taller requirement ceaselessly, in modern means office, people often is perplexed by following problem place: Get online when examining a data, network address is various, be hard to remember; English data, read inconvenience; A large number of confidential data are inputted personally, wait a moment without enough time again, be based on above this kind of demand, the company passes development development again, increased a function for software of this intelligence speech powerful " Chinese speech browser " .
Cover a product originally, its main application domain, for network application and office word processing, its applied object is a network first, intermediate user and modern office staff a such groups. So we develop the software with a general public, make its handlers passes this software, making get online is a tickler no longer, want to speak the network address that you want to microphone only, can realize network address to login, should numerate to microphone only the written language that you want to type, its content can show the computer screen in you is medium right-down. The heaven that already was 5 ace no longer chats on the net; Face vast network sea, that your curious longing also won't be rejected again. Without can oppugn, "Say easily 2000 " in network times there are very broad market and applied perspective today, it is moving toward network life step by step, make one of all netizens' indispensable network tools.
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