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Speech technology application lifts sina tide
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[report from our correspondent] a few days ago, asian speech (AsiaVOL) the company was rolled out in Beijing brand-new " VAP " concept. VAP namely speech technology uses platform (Voice Application Platform) , it is to be based on speech technology and speech character, according to all sorts of different application need tries to develop, satisfy each speech to serve the development platform of demand. On this platform, combined 5 parts technology: Telegraphic signal technology, include simulation signal, number signal, wired reach wireless signal to transmit a technology to wait; Technology of computer telephone conformity, include seesaw pattern speech technology of respondent technology, telephone conference technology, phone call service; Speech technology, include speech recognition technology, speech synthesis technology to reach all sorts of speech libraries to wait; Technology of data news report, include all sorts of database application, character to translate all sorts of technology, statistic to analyse a technology; Internet conformity technology, include technology of HTML, XML, mail, network security technology to wait.
Those who pass through each afore-mentioned technologies is compositive, can develop all sorts of application services or soft hardware product, use at the wired radiophone communication, service that inspect message compositive, even all sorts of home appliance, auto industry.