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The culture difference of English-Chinese idiom reachs an interpreter
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Idiom is the unique fixed expression kind that some language forms in use process. The idiom that article place should discuss is broad sense, include phrasal, adage, a two part allegorical saying, literary quotation to wait. English-Chinese history of two kinds of languages is long, including many idiom, they or reservation, humorous, or earnest, elegance, not only concise and comprehensive, and image is dramatic, clever interesting horizontal stroke and, give a person a kind of beautiful enjoyment. Because belief of geographical, history, religion, life is consuetudinary,wait for the difference of the respect, english-Chinese idiom is bearing the weight of not civilian ethical culture characteristic and culture information, they and culture tradition are linked together cheek by jowl, cannot break up. The culture element in idiom often is the difficulty in the interpreter. The article tries the theory that pragmatics of have the aid of learns, make a few exploration to the interpreter of English-Chinese idiom.