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Invite applications for a job: The member that sign up for check, foreign trade
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Company introduction:
Dalian gold hundred invests industry of company of finite liability company: Commerce / property of company of imports and exports: Civilian battalion / dimensions of company of privately owned company: Examine of can of Dalian of brief introduction of 150-500 person company increases classics trade finite liability company is one adds a peninsula to be engaged in Chinese building materials for years in Russia churchyard reconnaissance wholesale those who hold industry of hotel of development of agriculture of zoology of retail, green, estate, guesthouse concurrently is large civilian battalion enterprise. As company business day beneficial development expands, face honesty of social invite applications for a job especially the sagely personage with just, diligent effort, active and active, conscientious job and we develop jointly.
Contact means:
Contact: Raid a young lady
The email: Dljb.happy@163.com
Phone: 041182786626
Fax: 041182786626
Network address:
Address: Area of Dalian city Zhongshan 55 30 (B1212 of edifice of international of renown be an official)