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Invite applications for a job: English interpreter, indonesian language is trans
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1 English interpreter Liaoning / red east, east harbor city abroad on October 6, 2008 1
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Company introduction:
My company is located in Liaoning to visit town of Dan Dongdong harbor. The company basically manages a project to have: Maritime catch, fish meal treatment, gas station of fishing port dock, fishing port dock, carriage motorcade, fishing wants the goods and materials, refrigerant processing factory that has a process capability to be 5000 tons, already became the large modern company of unifinication of supply and marketing of one family property.
The company possesses qualification of enterprise of deep-sea fishing of Ministry of Agriculture, the clique has many shipping to catch in abroad exercise.
Harbor city makes the same score piscatorial group limited company to pass old management practice greatly east, accumulated rich management experience, establish good figure socially, have higher prestige and famous degree.
Contact means:
Contact: Yellow tree change
The email: Daping8899@163.com
Phone: 13841509725, 0415-7104699
Fax: 0415-7106599
Network address: Http://www.chinadaping.com
Address: Liaoning is saved east harbor city new the city zone
Postcode: 118300