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Invite applications for a job: French is translated [Dalian, french is translate
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1 French translates abroad / Africa, africa on October 15, 2008 2
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Company introduction:
Limited company of development of deep-sea fishing of Dalian Hai Liufeng basically is engaged in deep-sea ocean catching, aquatic product is bought, breed, treatment, carry reach relevant commerce, exercise sort is all ready, fishing ground distributinging range is wide. Own fleet of work of 3 high-power ocean now, africa waits in Nigeria, Benin, Ghana many more coastal the country has piscatorial catching company, expand modern catching fleet actively, build the big platform that has operation of global deep-sea fishing. Obtained remarkable economic benefits for enterprise oneself not only, the development that shares international fishery resource to our country is used, strengthen our country and about the country friendly collaboration concerns, increase obtain employment of piscatorial labour force and piscatorial income, market of aquatic product of development of trade of aquatic product of stimulative our country, rich country is supplied waited to all produce positive effect.
Contact means:
Contact: Aperture young lady
The email: Angela840110@hotmail.com
Phone: 0411-82495085
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Address: Company proper motion is concealed
Postcode: Company proper motion is concealed