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Invite applications for a job: Japanese teacher [Shenyang, japanese teacher [She
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Liaoning of 1 Japanese teacher / Shenyang, shenyang city Liaoning / Shenyang, shenyang city on October 15, 2008 2 people
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Company introduction:
Northeast is the earliest a the biggest Japanese grooms the school. Groom content includes Japanese first, medium, advanced each phase, can go abroad to be dealt with freely from school student study abroad formalities. Northeastern region the first of all, inside course of study, there all is good public praise between student.
Contact means:
Contact: Prevent teacher
The email: Company proper motion is concealed, register resume of online deliver please
Phone: 024-31661505\024-31661506
Fax: 024-86202051
Network address: Http://www.xgxedu.com
Address: Company proper motion is concealed
Postcode: Company proper motion is concealed