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Personnel of CAT of invite applications for a job
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Professional category: Interpreter sexual distinction: Do not be restricted
Area: Emperor tentativelies - the Yellow River
Label: Interpreter medicine translates English interpreter
Requirement of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted monthly pay limits: The face is discussed
Shenyang case small software is finite liability company is Liaoning province one of companies of first new and high technology that pass double soft attestation, devote oneself to much article for a long time to plant information of information processing, business manages and the software research and development of the domain such as intellectual management and service offer the job, among them much article is planted processing technology is on international banner level. The “ of own research and development of pattern small company translates atelier ” to assist interpreter platform, the handiwork that changed a tradition thoroughly translates means, the project that implemented interpreter job is changed, network and intelligence are changed. Pattern small company has whole part-time job to translate personnel hundreds person, square of have the aid of is tiny the powerful function of auxiliary interpreter platform, improved the efficiency that the interpreter works and quality greatly. Current, pattern small company had begun the most large-scale auxiliary translation service in home, face countrywide long-term invite applications for a job talent of CAT of complete, part-time job

Position requirement
The student of major of etc of ⊕ computer, foreign language or graduate
⊕ English 6 class above (the 4 class above of English major)
⊕ can handle software of commonly used computer adroitly
⊕ job enthusiasm, patient, serious and responsible
The person that ⊕ has interpreter experience is preferential
Note: Main job content is interpreter of Chinese patent summary (Chinese translates Cheng Yingwen) .

Pay pay
Monthly pay can amount to 3200 yuan of above commonly full-time autograph makes an appointment with personnel to provide 5 a place difficult of access one gold

Working way
Spot interpreter includes full-time with the part-time job labor contract can be signed to deal with 5 danger after full-time classics try out among them one gold
Workplace can be near park of hill of Shenyang city north, the city learns with Shenyang Beijing University near 3 good markets the choice around.
Intended person carry oneself please photocopy of resume, Id, record of formal schooling proves (in school proof) go to pattern small company with photocopy of English grade certificate headquarters attends try interpret and interview.
Workplace is not restricted, can report a name through the net directly.
Http://www.kookge.com:8 of network address signing up2/task/zhaopin.htm
Old campus of college of industry of aviation of Shenyang of area of aunt of emperor of city of Shenyang of working address headquarters (boreal hill on the west on the door) belfry 5 buildings
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