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Er of rice of Shenyang rich contain translates English of company invite applica
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Professional category: Interpreter sexual distinction: Do not be restricted number of invite applications for a job: 5 people
Area: Shen He - Xiaona
Label: Translate English interpreter
Requirement of record of formal schooling: Limits of monthly pay of undergraduate course above: The face is discussed
Er of rice of Shenyang rich contain translates a company, since holding water 2000, for home much home is large and medium-sized enterprise or business the unit provided high grade and efficient translation service, good professional example was established in Liaoning interpret bound. Since hold water, the company takes culture of thing of “ be well versed in all the time, the concept of ” of industry of shirt-sleeve north and south, show actual strength by right of major, in order to serve the code of conduct of tarry client, the communication that devotes oneself to culture of stimulative China and foreign countries and communicate. Because business needs,show, special sincere hire:

English translates personnel
Requirement: Record of formal schooling of above of university undergraduate course, english major;
English translates working experience.

Intended person reach resume hair the company please mailbox: PRemierf@163.com
Unite arrangement interview time.
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